About Us

AKA Bags is the leading manufacturer of backpacks, business cases and back-to-school & kids bags. Our new patented solar backpacks let you charge your phone or iPod on the go!

We’ve got backpacks for back-to-school & kids, sports, hiking, skating, business, travel, and everything in between. We’ve got classic two-strap backpacks, slings, messenger bags, business cases, big bags, little bags, mini-backpacks, solar-powered backpacks, lunch cases, and a lot more. Our backpacks will do everything you need them to, and everything else.

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Solar Bags

AKA Sport features the newest in solar designs and creates innovative products that power smartphones and portable devices...anytime, anywhere. Create your own energy and charge up!

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Backpacks 101

Which Backpacks are safest? How should I wear backpacks to avoid aches and pains? How do I choose a backpack?

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